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Homemaker NOI

Date Posted: Friday, October 05, 2018
Category: Professionals,HNOI

Issue processing FY2013 HNOI applications

Elder Affairs has received reports that some Providers have not been able to update their HNOI (Homemaker Notice of Intent) records for FY2013.

Issue Description

Many Providers were unable to complete FY2013 HNOI applications to confirm or update corporate data, if their prior year application(s) were set to Pending status.  New Bidders (no prior year applications) were not affected by this issue.


For the purpose of facilitating FY2013 applications, previous year's HNOI applications were updated at close of business on Monday, September 10, 2012, as follows:

  • Providers who are on the List of Current Providers:  prior year applications with Pending status were set to Approved status.
  • Providers who had received Rejection notices after prior applications: if Elder Affairs’ records indicated that a rejection notice had been communicated to the Applicant, the prior year application(s) in a Pending status were Rejected.

We expect that these status changes on prior year HNOI applications will correct data entry and application processing at

Email Notifications regarding prior year applications

The process of approving or rejecting prior year HNOI applications generates email notifications to Provider applicants as well as to ASAP Contract Managers. Notifications recently generated by the NOI system during the FY 2013 NOI open period were a result of the corrective action described above.

Review of completed FY2013 Applications (new or updates)

New Bidders submitting FY2013 Applications and Current Providers confirming/updating corporate data for FY 2013 will be reviewed as outlined in the FY 2013 NOI Instructions.


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